It started with an event I was forced to attend

I didn't know anything about programming or coding. All I knew was how to use basic Microsoft tools. And then one of my course mates invited me to an event organized by the developer group on campus. That event changed my life forever.


    NGO Website for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaign

    Technologies used:

    Jul 2019 till Sep 2019

    The project coordinator for the Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Campaign noticed a trend in the discussions taking place on the organization's WhatsApp group. A lot of stories are being told and a lot of insights are being shared on the nature of the Sickle Cell Disease and basic self-care tips for carriers of the disease (also known as Warriors).

    She approached me and told me about the idea of having a platform where people can share and learn about the disease, globally. A website that could serve as a hub and community of warriors.

    She told me how she wanted everything to be and I quickly got to work. I was so passionate about the project that I finished the major prototype in a day and submitted to her for review.

    She was so excited when she saw it and immediately approved for the completion and presentation.

    I love this experince of working with a purposeful NGO, it has afforded me the opportunity to understand some of the dynamics of working with so important a sector of social development.