I simply just started. Lol.

I used to love video games, a lot. So when I heard of Java - I remembered that I used to see the logo in games of old phones. So, I grew utmost interest, and began.




    Technologies used:

    Nov 2016 till Nov 2017

    HeartUp is one of the first Artificial Intelligence heart health assistant that gives you personal, trusted and actionable health information - instantly. With HeartUp, you have crucial information for acute heart issues such as: -Information on a lot of heart-related symptoms, heart conditions, medical procedures and medications. -Information on your personal body calculations like Body mass index, Blood level, Water ratio, etc.



    Technologies used:

    Feb 2015 till Jul 2015

    MyBMI was built to help calculate Body Mass Index Getting the ideal weight can be tricky which is why it is important to always have to focus on having the right BMI and a good diet. MyBMI is a simple and privacy friendly android application to calculate BMI. MyBMI was built using Android Java with Android Studio 2.3