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Freely reaching out and enabling young ones to learn to code

Step by step, little by little, by freely organising 3-4 months coding bootcamps and bi-weekly developer workshops for young ones and youths in rural areas, we will successfully equip Africa's less opportuned with software developer skills to be equally viable in this present age.

Success stories


Emmanuel Joseph

What amazed me about CCS in my University was the fact that it was free. I saw the poster on a wall, and immediately applied. I became a Web developer learning through the 4-month series. Here's my first website.
As at now, I develop websites for clients and get good pay (as a 2nd year student). I also love teaching others programming, which is why I am presently giving back as a volunteer facilitator in Codenonia Codecamp Series and Andela Learning Community.
I now write Laravel, React JS, Flutter, and a few more. See my projects on Github.


Pelumi Adebayo

Upon the realization of the possibilities of programming for solving problems, which sparked my passion for coding as an undergraduate, Codenonia Codecamp Series presented to me a platform to learn to code and volunteer to teach others the same.
The experience altogether helped brace up my skills, and heavily served as a building block for my career as a programmer.
Diving deeper, I realized that there’s just no telling how much of the world’s problems fabulous solutions could be provided, with programming. I, therefore, have determined to choose this path as a career deviating from my course of study (Banking and Finance). I am now a full stack developer at Tech Advance.


Osas Irorene

When I learnt that an organization was in our school to teach us how to build games, I was very excited. The lessons were very engaging.
We were initially taught with Scratch, and I learnt to give instructions to the computer and perform other programming concepts. Then we learnt basics of Javascript, working with integers, strings, and operators.
I would definately keep learning so that I can build my own game like Sleeping Dogs.

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