About Codenonia


To create economic opportunities for developers across Africa.


To help developers across Africa become globally accessible.

The Community

Codenonia's community platform is where developers (newbies and professionals) showcase their software projects (completed or not).

Codenonia Code Camps

Codenonia Code Camp Series started out as an initiative to tackle the root problem of the technology gap between urban and rural regions in Africa, by freely reaching out to young ones and youths in rural regions across Africa, and enabling them to learn to build software, by organising 3-4 month intensive bootcamps that teach basic CS programming courses, Web development fundamentals, and Android development fundamentals, and ultimately help them to be able to connect globally to companies and recruiters, as we also provide recipients with our platform to showcase their works while expanding their professional network.

Anything else you wanna know?

Shoot us an email at info@codenonia.com