We teach young ones to code

And encourage them to share stories about what they have built


We teach young chaps to write computer programs

No matter how small or how big, young chaps love building stuff and are very sure to be proud of it!


Then we encourage them to write about it, and share it

They enjoy sharing their learning journey — the fun, the tools, the collaboration, the uses, for others to see.


They can now be found, and their projects, appreciated

Other people can now see what they've built, and how they built it. This unfolds a journey of "amazing" for them!

Codenonia Code Camp Series

Learn about our initiative to tackle the root problem of the technology gap between urban and rural regions in Nigeria, by freely reaching out to young ones and youths in rural regions across Nigeria, and enabling them to learn to code.

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Codenonia Code Camp Series

Our other programs include


Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week, sponsored by Google, is SAP's initiative to instill digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation.
We align with this singular goal and continuously help to drive the sustainable learning impact in Nigeria.
Read one of our Africa Code Week stories here.


Summer Code Camps

We organize summer coding camps for young chaps between the ages of 6 - 9 and 10 - 15 respectively, where we teach Minecraft gaming and Scratch stories to the former, and to the latter, we teach Scratch game design, Roblox gaming, and Python.


Kids Can Code Workshops

We run once-a-week interactive coding workshops for tech enthusiasts in secondary schools.
We have gotten lots of great feedback from workshops like this. See some of the success stories below.


Teens Follow-Up Competition

One of our major goals is keeping our learners motivated and engaged. And apart from encouraging them to share their learning journey in the community feed, our Follow-up competition has proved a great way to keep them truly motivated and engaged.

76+ workshops via 5 major programs till date

900+ young learners trained

35 facilitators and trainers

Multiple success stories

Success stories

Our success stories have been our personal favourite fairy tales — our magic potions and knights in shining armor that are sure to provide our happily ever after.


Eyinjuoluwa Alabi

Codenonia guys came to my school in Ekiti state and changed my idea about the future.
I never used to think about computer as a tool to solve problems, and make the future how we truly want it to be.
But now I have a plan and I will work towards it. I spoke about it in my recorded interview on Youtube.
It is indeed a privilege for me to be among the ones that Codenonia have impacted, and I hope that they keep coming.


Osas Irorene

When I learnt that an organization was in our school to teach us how to build games, I was very excited. The lessons were very engaging.
We were initially taught with Scratch, and I learnt to give instructions to the computer and perform other programming concepts. Then we learnt basics of Javascript, working with integers, strings, and operators.
I would definately keep learning so that I can build my own game like Sleeping Dogs.


Emmanuel Joseph

What amazed me about CCS in my University was the fact that it was free. I saw the poster on a wall, and immediately applied.
I became a developer learning through the 4-month series, and here’s my first ever app - built using Flutter. Currently, I work as a remote intern for The Soft Company NG, where I develop websites for clients and get good pay (as a 3rd year student). I also love teaching others programming, which is why I am presently giving back as a volunteer facilitator in Codenonia Codecamp Series and Andela Learning Community.
I now write Laravel, React JS, Flutter, and a few more.See my projects on Github.


Pelumi Adebayo

You should see this. I am a graduate of Banking and Finance but Codenonia Codecamp Series presented to me a platform to not just learn to code, not just to volunteer to teach others the same, but to also share my work progress with the world.
The experience altogether helped brace up my skills, and heavily served as a building block for my career as a programmer.
Diving deeper, I realized that there’s just no telling how much of the world’s problems fabulous solutions could be provided to, with programming.
I am now a full stack developer at Aiiburtel Limited